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No-Compromise Data Protection That Stops Data Loss



Data loss is one of today’s constant threats to business. Sensitive or valuable data can be leaked accidentally or targeted by malicious actors looking to exfiltrate it for monetary gain. Threats can come from within the organization (the insider threat) or from the outside in the form of targeted cyberattacks. Either way, when the data is lost, an organization sustains a damaging loss to its reputation, not to mention a potential fine. 

Enterprise data loss prevention (DLP) is a time-tested solution that ensures your organization’s most sensitive data is properly protected. However, the rapid release schedules and accelerating changes in operating systems, applications, and browsers can cause many traditional enterprise DLP solutions to be woefully inefficient. Organizations using software from DLP providers who aren’t keeping up are spending too much time, effort and budget troubleshooting, and not enough time delivering meaningful data protection.

New entrants are touting “DLP-lite” solutions as the answer to the inefficiencies of traditional enterprise DLP, though they often gloss over the big compromises inherent in “DLP-lite”. With lite- or no-agent architectures and no endpoint controls, what you gain from an “easy install” and lite-agent, you lose in increased risk of data leakage and loss.

You need a better way to protect the data that matters most to your organization without the inefficiencies of traditional enterprise DLP or the data protection compromises of “DLP-lite.”



Fortra's DLP solutions provide no-compromise data protection for your no-compromise organization. Our enterprise solutions perform on traditional endpoints, across the corporate network, on cloud applications, and on email, making it easier to see and block threats to sensitive information.


Endpoint DLP

Digital Guardian Endpoint Data Loss Prevention gives you the broadest coverage and control, including Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints, across multiple browsers, and nearly every application. The Digital Guardian agent captures and records events at the system, user, and data level, both when connected to the corporate network, or offline. Granular controls let you fine-tune responses based on user, risk level, or other factors. From simply logging all actions to automated blocking, you can prevent data loss before it happens.

  •   Protects intellectual property and regulated information
  •   Granular control of all data movement
  •   DLP only when you need it
  •   Built-in advanced data classification
  •   Integrate with digital rights management for full data protection


Network DLP

Network DLP doesn’t have to be complex. Support compliance and reduce risk of data loss by monitoring and controlling the flow of sensitive data over your network. Digital Guardian Network DLP inspects all network traffic and enforces policies to ensure protection. Deployment is simple and management doesn’t require a dedicated resource.

  •   Monitors and controls all network traffic
  •   Flexible, tailored responses
  •   Accelerates compliance efforts, securely


Managed DLP

Focus on your core business and leave data protection to our security experts. Digital Guardian’s Managed Security Program (MSP) acts as a remote extension of your team and offers data protection as a managed service. Our security experts will host, administer, and run your data security platform. These 24*7 global analyst teams that live, eat, and breathe data protection will help you contain insider and outsider threats before sensitive data gets out of your organization.

Available for both Endpoint and Network DLP.

DLP Market Leaders

No-compromise data protection means the flexibility to adapt to your needs. Digital Guardian is unique among DLP solutions in its ability to support both a use case-based approach (known data types or user groups) or a data risk discovery approach (identifying unknown use cases). 

2023 Cybersecurity Excellence Award Winner

Digital Guardian was named the 2023 Cybersecurity Excellence Award Winner in Data Leakage Protection.

Ranked as "Top Player" in DLP Market Quadrant

Digital Guardian is considered a market leader in the 2023 The Radicati Market Quadrant for Data Loss Prevention Software.

Read the Report >


Digital Guardian's award-winning DLP solutions provide tremendous value and deployed efficacy on their own, but they can be even further enhanced with our interlocking data classification and secure collaboration solutions, giving your organization comprehensive data protection capabilities that are scalable and will meet your specific business needs now and in the future.

Pair our DLP solutions with data classification for a streamlined user experience that will simultaneously increase DLP policy granularity while providing metadata for greater DLP accuracy, reducing business and user friction in the process. And for maximum security and control over your data, pair DLP with our secure collaboration solutions for a safe, zero-trust approach to internal and external collaboration that protects your data no matter where it lives and travels.

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